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ilse Hofma, Drumster


Ilse Hofma

Welcome to the website of Ilse Hofma.

In 2010 Ilse gratuaded from the Conservatory in Alkmaar at the age of 21. During and after her study she worked as a session drummer with different artists like Shirma Rouse, Candy Dulfer, Glennis Grace and Alain Clark. Since 2017 she’s been playing with the well known Dutch artist Wulf.

At the end of this year and the beginning of next year she will be playing with country/pop singer Laura Kits.

Ilse also teaches drums at Zaanse Popschool, Beat the Drums and Popschool IJmond.


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Ilse is proud endorser for British Drum Co, Zildjian, Remo & Kuppmen sticks.


Ilse Hofma - British Drum Co

British Drum Co Legend Series in Custom Holographic White Sparkle with Blue Bird Snaredrum:

22 x 16

10 x 7

12 x 8

14 x 14

16 x 16

14 x 6 (snaredrum)



British Drum Co Blue Bird Chrome over Brass  14″ x 6″

Ludwig Classic Maple Psychedelic Red Blue Olive Badge 14″ x 6,5″
Custombuild Maple Snaredrum Gold Sparkle 12” x 7”
Ludwig Black Magic  14” x 8”
Kirchhoff Red Plexiglass 14” x 5”



14″ K Dark Hi-Hat

15″ K Custom  Special Dry Hi-Hat

17″ K Custom Special Dry Trash Crash

18″ K Custom Dark Crash

18″ K Constantinople Crash

19″ K Custom Special Dry Trash Crash

20″ K Cluster Crash

21″ K Ride

22″ K Custom Dark Ride

23″ K Sweet Ride

24″ K Light Ride




Friday 11 October Fletcher (private)

Saturday 12 October Fletcher (private)

Friday 25 October Laura Kits – Taverne, Bergen



You can reach Ilse at: